CI2Go The CircleCI Client App Reviews

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So good

This app is great

Fantastic App

Great app! Love being able to monitor my CI/CD on the go. Wish it had push notifications though. Would happily pay for those.

Totally Impressive

Super slick and works great. Realtime updates for running builds are fantastic.

Paid app quality for free

Brilliant app, very well made. You might not always _need_ to see your CI build status while at lunch or the club or whatever, but if you do, no longer are you doomed to try and work with the mobile browser experience. I agree with earlier reviews; this is an app I'd pay for.

So great, but one request

This app is well done and does exactly what you would expect. It would be great if the iOS and watchOS app notified you when tests were complete.

Doesn't work

I enter my circleci Api token, it sighs and then it wont show my project. It just shows the default "All Projects". Update: made a new token and now it works. Must have been a cci issue. Sick. Would totally pay for this.

Real-time convenience

So convenient to be able to see your builds in real time! I even held my phone next to the laptop, and the log updates are in sync! Now you can root for your test and deployment from the ballgame or the bathroom! App author, make it paid! This is the right audience. Would love to support you.

Very helpful app

This was really great as the mobile version of the circleci website is completely unusable

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